A tour with danish volunteers in Busunu – Ghana

Karim, vores guide har været så sød at komme med sin version af historien om de danske blondiner i Afrika

I am lange karim, a young man of 28 years of age was born and bread in a little village called Busunu in northern Ghana which has about 1658 inhabitants with women and children as the majority.The people of Busunu are predominately peasant farmers.I work with rural Africa development organisation an N.G.O. which main purpose is to help rural farmers, women and children to be self-reliant .

I have most of the time in my life had the chance to travel with a lot of Danish volunteers which is so interesting because we have different cultural backgrounds.Travelling with danish volunteers is so nice and funny, the are friendly, loving , careing and open.The only problem with this people is that the are so strict when it comes to timing,the will always ask you a lot of questions especially when going on a trip , the want to know how far is the trip, how long , what time to get there and a whole lot funny questions i think.The timing here does not really work that much especially when travelling because we had bad roads,very bad buses , and each bus is to wait for at list 3 , 4 hours not until is full up to its capacity the bus will never take off.

The most of the time gets angry when the ask what time are we getting there and you answer may be 2 hours time, the always want you to be specific.This people also has very tricky questions any time you are with them, the can sometimes ask one question for more than 3 times just to try your ability and also to see weather to believe and trust you or not.

Also when the are in a group the are very difficult than any thing, the find it very difficult to decide on one thing because everyone wants to please him or her self.some are very serious to learn a lot about Africa and others i think are not interested at all. Busunu where i live has a lot of traditions and culture, in busunu we don’t talk when we are having dinner,we don’t eat with the left hand,you bow down to greet any one who is older than you, the young once don’t seat with the elders to talk except if there is a meeting. There are no toilet facilities in my village , no electricity,no internet facility , no internet , no hotels,volunteers has to live with host family’s to learn a typical way of the african lives ., which a lot of this volunteers enjoy a lot.

Busunu is a free community no police and is control by the chief, he controls and judges all cases in the community like rape , murder, stealing e.t.c, .All the young once are free to do all the want except you go against the tradition , you can even smoke weed in the house no one will question you. hahahahaa.


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